What we do

We create frameworks that interrupt structural and systematic oppression.  From assessments to power-mapping, we use a participatory process that values the wisdom and lived experience of all individuals within an organization. 


Why we do it

True inclusion builds a culture of belonging and actively invites authentic contributions and participation of all. Having different voices in a room means nothing if they're not being heard. Equity ensures just treatment, opportunity for all, and fair access to resources. This is only possible in an environment built on respect and dignity. We believe that a healthy workplace is an equitable workplace.

Our team

Cross-racial, intergenerational, gender-diverse co-leadership

Two complementary skill sets, one dynamic team. 

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Kent Alexander

Kent Alexander (he/him) integrates somatic practices as clients are led to investigate and navigate the history of racism, challenge stereotypes, and explore otherness through non-jargon based tools. Through the exploration of cultural histories, as well as the use of Whiteness as a structural weapon, Kent helps clients cultivate the skills needed to move beyond biases towards an understanding that anti-racism as a practice leads to collective healing.

Ang Roell

Ang Roell (they/them) boasts a strong background in assessments and evaluations and anti-oppression education. Through data gathering, they help build logic models and organizational objectives centered around community engagement and equity. Ang facilitates cooperative leadership training, asset mapping, and more.

Our Process

Do you strive for a truly equitable workplace? We can help get you there.

We begin with examining structural racism because through understanding how it's held in place, we are then able to more clearly see the various systems in place for other forms of oppression.


While some racism is overt, other forms are more covert and happen even when we work with the best of intentions. Look around your organization. Does your organization have a clear, actionable, written plan for fostering an equitable workplace?  What is your process for recruiting, hiring, and training diverse job applicants?  


Our process rests on deep structural assessments. We focus on tangible, sustainable change that interrupts overt and covert discrimination.