Leadership by the Most Impacted People

Those most affected by systemic and structural inequity have the expertise, skill, and wisdom needed to guide and transform systems and to lead the way to a more just, inclusive, and equitable world.



We are committed to an embodied approach to facilitation by incorporating ritual, movement, storytelling, and other practices that engage participants as whole human beings and invite people to deepen their relationships with one another as they work together.


Systemic Change

Building frameworks for dismantling systematic oppression will increase an organization’s capacity to think strategically about their impact.


Resource Mobilization

Communities and organizations have abundant resources, knowledge, and capacity to create change by mobilizing resources.


Participatory Process

We believe in a participatory process that values the wisdom and experience of each individual. We are committed to recognizing and honoring the importance of each person’s expertise and wisdom from their own lived experience.  We believe that organizations thrive when they are rooted in and sustained by the communities in which they work.


Transform Dynamics of Power and Oppression

Racism is woven throughout all social issues as well as the interlocking structural nature of oppression. We center the experiences of those most impacted by structural oppression to develop strategies that are grounded in equity and inclusion. We understand that all forms of oppression (i.e. racism, patriarchy, transphobia, heterosexism, classism, ableism) are interconnected.