Our Process

Equitable, intersectional, community-centered, participatory, and transformative.

What Guides Our Work

As an anti-racist team, our equity framework building process is guided by a deep commitment to help clients evaluate their work.  We then support clients to develop their own process and systems that interrupt workplace racial and social inequality that keep White supremacy in place.

Our Process

  1. Seeding Growth: 2-3 hour consultation to assess organizational needs to create an action plan.

  2. Germinating: Day-long training programs with a maximum of 6 hours designed to address systemic oppression, power dynamics, and organizational change.

  3. Creating a Root System: Collaboratively-built frameworks for structural and organizational change, rooted in anti-racism praxis.

  4. Cultivating Resources: Implementation of organizational frameworks to disrupt systemic oppression and foster cooperative leadership structures.

  5. Activating, Perennial Care: Transformational change based on long-term consulting and training based on qualitative data analysis.