We perform a mix of qualitative and quantitative evaluations that when utilized, creates a data-driven path for actionable steps that address institutional pressure points that might otherwise be overlooked and missed.

Asset Mapping

Money and other hard resources can support organizations, but an institution’s strength comes from a wider portfolio. The people who make up an organization are valuable, offering skills and insights that may be otherwise overlooked due to the confines of their job description. We survey employees and work confidentially one-on-one with folks who rarely have their voice heard to help organizations create and navigate authentic equitable change and growth.


Professional development is vital, but does your organization dedicate resources to anti-oppression? Anti-oppression training teaches people to practice active listening, and explore how to interpret what they hear within a broader framework of understanding. It makes people better communicators, allows for professional and interpersonal growth, and creates a more harmonious workplace through the use of better hard and soft skills, understanding, and depth.

Equity Frameworks

Assessments and planning gain exponential value when they are maintained. We identify methodologies to integrate long-lasting change. Part of our early assessment work identifies all of your organization’s resources so that the models we build are truly sustainable.

Hourly Rates

Our team’s hourly rate is $400.


This rate applies to our team’s short-term trainings, as well as to all consulting work and the necessary preparation work needed for each.

Please note that this does not include travel, lodging, and per diem expenses. For work involving significant travel, we generally bill by the day.


We offer a sliding scale rate to clients who are marginalized by our social, economic and political structures. A sliding scale creates equitable access to our services and addresses systemic oppression of marginalized groups. Please get in touch with us to discuss further.


Here are some potential topics we cover in our one day training workshops, tailored to the needs of your specific organization.  Our interactive virtual workshops usually consist of two 90-minute sections, with a short break in the middle. Topics and activities include:

Racism in the USA: A Historical Perspective

A training about the multi-layered history of racial oppression in the United States.

Intersectionality and Privilege

A training in which each participant completes a personal reflection on privilege, biases, and power dynamics.

Standing in Support: Ally or Accomplice?

Training about the actions you can take within your organization towards building racial equity.

Creating Your Own Organizational Anti-racist Audit

With our guidance your team will complete an equity rubric that assesses your organization’s readiness to interrupt inequity.

Strategic Action Planning for Developing an Anti-racist Workplace

With our guidance your team will create an action plan with measurable steps that move your organization towards uprooting racism within your community.